Who I Am

Who do you think you are

I thought I was

me but maybe

I'm somebody else

My name is Verlaine Boyd.

I am a writer who lives in Ithaca, 

NY. Besides writing, I love to

read, garden, travel, and 

hang out with my friends.


I was born in Waterloo, Iowa, and 

moved with my husband, the

painter Michael Boyd, to Mexico. 

Later we moved to New York City, 

and after he joined the faculty

at Cornell, we lived both

in NYC and Ithaca. We have one 

daughter, Margot, who is an 

accomplished photographer. 

Some of her photos are 

reproduced on this site.


I have been involved in writing

since my early teens and have

published my work in several

literary journals. Bits & Pieces, 

a collection of poems, was

published by Weil Books, NYC. 

I have also written art and poetry

reviews for various magazines,

and I was an editor/writer

for the College of Architecture,

Art and Planning at Cornell.

My garden

Photo Margot Boyd


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