4 Squared

East #2, 2014, Acrylic on Canvas,  (Courtesy of the Eric Firestone Gallery)

Creative Thinking

Not all is negative

About having Alzheimer's

It makes you see things

In a new way

As children do

Figure out for instance

How to hang a shirt

On a pants hanger

Store a belt on a

Dresser drawer knob

Eat fried eggs

With a table knife

Ask your wife

How she identifies herself


In the deep of the night

When sleep should be the soundest

He wakes to natural urges

Rolls out of bed

And lumbers

In the wrong direction

His tangled brain

Steering him so awry

He's totally at bay

In his own house

Truth and Consequences

I have no future

He said

It haunts me still

What could I say

Other than

\We must

Live each day

In the day

Last Night

The night of

the blood moon

The night of

the lunar eclipse

The light of

my life sailed out

On morphine 

filled dreams

Among the stars

Lubeck #2, 2013, Acrylic on Canvas,  (Courtesy of the Eric Firestone Gallery)