Bits & Pieces

Fixer Uppers

We take

Long Walks

Along blocks

Once dangerously

Off limits

Moving at a
Pace that's

Less than sprinting

But fast enough

For two geriatric

Specimens to

Break if not

Their neck

At least a sweat




On remaindered
Sidewalks hoping to

Retrofit brains/


And pains

Ten thousand

Gentrified steps

At a time

With Michael, Photo: Margot Boyd

Weed Spree

Today I am a dandelion

the ugly duckling

of the flower world.

Persistent as sin

you stab 

with your tongue

as if to uproot me.

Repressed now

I reappear later.

You might as well give up.

It's part of nature

to ignore your wishes.

I'll sprout in your garden

when and where I choose.

Love Is

I love to cook

for my husband

our friends

to make a meal

that tantalizes

the tongue

and teases

the palate

to create a plate

of edible art

from a carving

of meat

a dollop of

oh so colorful

vegetable matter

I love 

the wine

the talk

the store-bought


I love the love

Poem for M

I'm holding on to my past

with a handshake gone limp.

It's not memory that

sends blood through my veins

erecting each finger

into full-bodied response

but waiting for you

I sense the fronded hollow

of your arms

as it curves against my cheek

and feel you walking

your warm breath

cautiously among

the cages and traps

I've been setting

in our bed

no longer anxious

I know you you'll be here soon

knowing when to take chances

Something I "cooked" up



We have a belief that we need not believe in. No dogmas, no ritual, no mythology, no church, no priest, no holy book--what a relief!

                            Frederick Franck

Believe It or Not

The gothic arches of the

World Trade Center

Are no more

The light-reflecting

Towers have collapsed

The twenty-story 

Pile of remains

Too is transitory

To be hauled away

To Staten Island

Across the bay

Truck load 

By truck load

Work progresses


Procedures are


Rules observed

Stories get told

And retold

Mythologies grow

Heroes rise

From the ashes

World Trade Center Memorial