What’s in a Name


I’ve just learned that a village 

near Brussels 

is named after me


Well, maybe not


It could be named after

another Verlaine


You never can tell

 Map of Verlaine, Belgium

Selected Poems

I recently turned 80. It is a milestone and a time to admit that the old person in the mirror is really you (no matter how you feel inside). It is also a time to reflect on the winter of your time on earth--the time to make decisions and the time to enjoy life even more.

From every life experience you learn something new about yourself. When my husband of 60 years died, after a rather long downhill slide with Alzheimer's, I learned that I was a very private person about my feelings. No grief groups. No burdening my friends. I would write out my sadness. Some of these poems are quite self-indulgent. Sorry. 

4  Squared       This selection of poems was witten during the last two                             years of Michael's life when he was already well into                                Alzheimer's. After he died I put together a book that                                 combined his last series of paintings with my words

                            to give out at the memorial services in NYC and                                       Ithaca. To see the book in its entirety go to:

This is a selection from a collection of my poetry published in 2012 by Weil Books, NYC, and available at:

My friend Susan Weil often sends me emails with a photo of a work of art she has created (she is also a poet) or an image found on the web or elsewhere. Sometimes these beautiful images act as a muse, eliciting a quick poetic response on my part. 

When I travel I like to write a poem right before going to sleep. These glimpses trigger larger memories of the day. Once written they are not revised.