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Esther Williams Redux

Susan Weil, 2018



We’re all 


by water

Whether we 


like a fish

Or wish 

we could

It sustains us

Keeps us 


Protects us 

in the womb

We dive 


and come up 


Who can 


their first 


gulp of air

For the Birds

Hay palomas in el parque?

It is a question

From my past.

A Spanish lesson

Imprinted in memory.
And my answer
At long last is

Si! There are pigeons

And pictures of pigeons.

There are shadow pigeons

And pictures of

The shadows.

There is white space

And black space

Negative space

And positive.

Although in reality

Reality is not

So clearly

Black and white

There are vast areas

Of gray matter

Arenas of indecision

Of confusion

Unclaimed territories

Of ennui

Aber yah. Hay palomas.

They're there. 

Photo: Susan Weil'

Gemini Geometry



The golden section

Is mostly black

But the squares 

Are gold

The octave is not


But keyed to 

A parallel scale

Life circles inward

Unless as the universe

It is sailing out

I’m eighty light years

Into the human business

And still dancing

To the music

Of the spheres

Mixed media collage, Susan Weil

More Than for Scale

So much depends

On the black lines of the chair

The way they mimmic

The shadowed fingers

And reveal the softness

Of the rounded fist

And the tallness of the

Triangulated fingers

Rising like columns

Hand over hand

Supporting themselves

Mixed media, Susan Weil

Strewing Flowers by Zurbaran

Strewing Flowers


This detail (?) from a

detailed painting

by the Spanish 

Baroque artist 

Francisco de Zurbaran

(born in the 16century

painter in the 17th )

arrived electronically

digitized in an

email in the 21st

I suspect there is 

something more

religious going

on than what you see

something pious or

bloody but for now I

want to revel in its 

sensual tenebrism

and marvel at the

timeless beauty

of freshly cut flowers

Suzy in Williamsburg


There she sits

Kicking up her heels

Is it because it's her birthday

Or because she's at her studio

Or perhaps a bit of both

(I'd bet my top dollar

That it's more of the later)